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04/06/15 00:30:24: Singie: After spending the night at Shark's place, Yulia was sorting through her clothes scattered around the floor. "Shark, did you see my coat? I was sure I had it yesterday." She calls out, trying to find it. Sometimes it seemed that Shark was even more messy than she was.

04/06/15 00:39:39: Julie: Shark sighed seeing Yulia's concern about her clothes. "You can use one of mine.Just come back here already" She answered grumpily and still sleepy on her bed. "Or are you trying to get away again? Or do you have more important things to do? Said Shark ironically, but a bit worried if she intended to leave.

04/06/15 00:45:16: Singie: "Actually, um. I probably should have told you this but..." Yulia drifted off, tying her skirt around her hips. "Um, I kind of shouldn't have spent the night. There was a witch gathering today and I guess you have just officially made me late." She stuck her tong at Shark but climbed back into bed with her anyway.

04/06/15 00:52:36: Julie: Shark immediately rolled her eyes. "You're a fool, Yulia. Sometimes It's hard to believe you're a witch" she said, making herself cozy again and hugging Yulia tight. "Do you have some enchantment to go the the village or something like that? It's impossible to make to the village in time, I guess. isn't it kilometers away from atlantis?" She asked with mildly curiosity.

04/06/15 00:56:57: Singie: "I don't have the items for that spell right now." Yulia says as if that should be obvious. "So yeah... I guess I should hurry!" She says and yawns right after, burying in Shark's embrace a little further.

04/06/15 01:01:46: Julie: "There is no way you can make in time with your tiny little tail" said her, rolling her eyes" if the queen discovers you are late because of me she'll kill me. what a situation, you should have told me it yesterday!" Said Shark, scolding her. "We don't have other choice, so I'll take you there" she decided. She would overcome her sunday laziness in the sake of not being scolded by Queen Yubel.

04/06/15 01:04:45: Singie: "Yay! I got a ride! It's my lucky day!" Yulia sings cheerfully, cuddling with Shark and giving no signal she was about to get up anytime soon. "So maybe we can stay like this a little longer then?"

04/06/15 01:09:46: Julie: "Yulia, do you know exactly how to get there? And how far is it? Cause I can be fast, but I'm not a fucking teleport spell" she asked while cuddling with Yulia, starting to be a bit concerned about making through the village in time.

04/06/15 01:13:18: Singie: "Um no, you're pretty fast. Don't worry." Yulia yawns again, her eyes heavy. "What time is it anyway? I didn't check." She admits.

04/06/15 01:15:40: Julie: "It's past noon. What time you need to go there?" She asked, still concern, but less, since Yulia was almost sleeping again in her arms.

04/06/15 01:19:17: Singie: Yulia widens her eyes suddenly. "WHAT?! Why didn't you tell me? Shark, my mom will kill me! I'm so late, I'm so late," she jumps from the bed, looking around insistently. "Did you see my coat?!??"

04/06/15 01:24:48: Julie: Shark jumped, leaving her bed immediately. "You will make me being KILLED by your mom, Yulia, not you. How could I possibly knew the witches would gather in a secret meeting in the other side of the ocean?" Said her, while dressing herself quickly and tossing one coat to Yulia. "here, use mine. We need to leave NOW!"

04/06/15 01:29:34: Singie: "Noooo Shark, don't get mad at me!!" Yulia whiny-shouts, furiously searching for her shoes and for the rest of her things. "Thanks for the coat, I swear I'll give it back! Oh my god Shark, what should I say to my mom? Maybe that I got a headache so I slept in? Help me make an excuse!!" Yulia says, running after Shark and leaving promptly.

04/06/15 01:33:49: Julie: " am I allowed to get near to Witch's village? I'll be killed, Yulia, so think in something that doesn't involve me at all" said her while taking her hand and running to the water, praying for no one see them and later talk to the Queen about they together while the meeting was happening.

04/06/15 01:38:59: Singie: Yulia grabs Shark, letting her lead her. "Oh shit, there's that!!" Yulia gasps. "Oops, sorry my language, I didn't mean to curse." She says hesitant that she could have offended Shark. "Yes, I mean, mermaids can't go near the witch village because the spell works like a back current. So maybe you could leave me a few meters from there? Or maybe the spell doesn't even work on you because you're not a mermaid!"

04/06/15 01:44:54: Julie: "I'm half mermaid, Yulia. Would I be half inside the villa? this seems dumb." Said, without paying attention on Yulia's random babbling about her speech since she has other important things to be concerned about, like don't be killed by her Queen, Yulia's aunt and the Leader of the witches, who also happened to be Yulia's mom. She reached the nearest ocean point and grabbed Yulia in her lap. "hold tight, cause I'll swim now. Don't be sick, if you feel sick, warn me first so I can stop. But try not to, we need to get there fast."
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