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22/03/16 02:08:00: Julie: Hathor entrou no home office da Neftis, não se importando muito se ela estava ocupada ou não como
sempre. Sentou-se no canto da mesinha dela, sacudiu a mão na frente da tela do computador da Neftis e falou "Heeey, como hoje é o aniversário da Hook, eu vi em uma revista que é bom que pais façam o bolo da criança juntos. Ela vai chegar da aula daqui a uma hora. Temos tempo. Vamos, vem comigo para cozinha Neftis"

22/03/16 02:13:28: Singie: Neftis glanced at Hathor briefly, then resumed what she was doing. "You go ahead, will you? I'll be downstairs in a second." She said, fully intending to let Hathor bake on her own if she insisted. Neftis was too busy to argue with her, so just let her think she would go along.

22/03/16 02:17:34: Julie: "No, I know you won't go if I leave, so you are coming with me" she said, taking her hand and trying to be persistent in this hard task. "She's only three Neftis, be a good Mommy. Even my mom used to bake cakes for us and she was as busy as you, so hurry, call someone to do it and let's bake!"

22/03/16 02:24:51: Singie: That got her attention, since Hathor wouldn't let go of her hand, and Neftis needed her hand to type. "Hathor, this is important. I can call Kovu if you think you can't finish the cake by the time she arrives. Today's really not a good time." She have Hathor a kiss on the cheek so that she wouldn't get mad, as she tried to get free from Hathor's insistent grasp.

22/03/16 02:32:13: Julie: Hathor rolled her eyes with her predictable reaction. Then she insisted again, still holding her hand tightly. "Kovu is not important for her. Also, Rook likes you so much, she will be so happy when she knows you cared about her and stopped your damn work for her Birthday. Let's do it together, you told me you wanna be her mother too, so It's important for a mother make some sacrifices. I'm sure you can delegate this work for other person easily, so please, come with me"

22/03/16 02:39:20: Singie: Neftis knew how pointless this whole thing was, because Hathor wouldn't change her mind. It was so ironic to have Hathor talking about sacrifices, when she was the most spoiled kid on Earth. Neftis rubbed her face trying to formulate a plan. Maybe if they rushed thing, they could finish the cake in about twenty minutes. "Okay, let's hurry then. Do you have the recipe?" She asked in a business like tone, following Hathor down the kitchen.

22/03/16 02:48:59: Julie: Hathor smiled and gave her a kiss. "Thanks! I'm so happy you agreed!" She said, leading the way to the kitchen. " I don't know for sure. I've selected some recipes, but I think they are too bland. Do you remember what kind of cake auntie Adele made for you on  your 14th, birthday? I remember it was so good but I'm not sure what it was made of. Was it strawberries or cherries with cream?" Hathor wondered, while was picking her iPad for google~ing some new recipes. "See this picture, is a naked cake. Isn't it beautiful? Faye just sent me a picture for reference. How about this?" said Hathor showing a picture of an obviously complicated cake to bake.

22/03/16 02:58:31: Singie: "For fuck's sake Hathor, are you being serious here? That thing needs a support to stand, you know that, right?" She said unbelievingly, this was a nightmare. "Are you sure you don't want me to call the patisserie? The best we'll come up with will be a flat ugly sweet piece of rubber, and Rooks deserves more than that," Neftis argues, thinking there could be a way out. "My mother didn't really bake that cake, Hathor. It was strawberry chantilly, but she had help from at least three dessert chefs."

22/03/16 03:06:57: Julie: "Are you serious? Auntie Adele fucking lied to me? To a child? I should knew her better." She said, visibly angry. "That's one more reason to put a real effort here, Neftis. I've ordered some stuff from a professional bakery market, don't underestimate me, I got this!" Hathor said, bringing a huge box with cooking stuff from a kitchen corner. "We gonna bake a real strawberry cake with homemade chantilly. I'll search for a good chantily recipe, and you start to chop some strawberries. Or do you prefer to search while I start the preparations?"

22/03/16 03:16:11: Singie: "It's fine, I have it." Neftis said. She wouldn't say it, but for some reason she couldn't trust Hathor with a knife. It was like she was still a baby in that regard. "Just call the patisserie, will you? It's easier getting the recipe from somewhere trustworthy if you want this cake to work..." Neftis sighed and gave out a little smile. "You really thought my mother had made that cake by herself... You're so amusing sometimes." Her cousin was so stupid. It was endearing.

22/03/16 03:28:06: Julie: "Why she would lie? Auntie Adele was always so proud of her accomplishments and I remembered this day, she was so full of herself, telling me how awesome cooker she was. And the cake was so good. And don't mock me, I was a little child" Hathor justified herself, while calling to a patisserie to get the recipe, as Neftis told her. Neftis habit of taking the leadership of everything was usually annoying, but for once this was a good thing cause in fact this cake seemed too difficult to make.

22/03/16 03:36:05: Singie: "Oh my god, Hathor, did you buy the whole store?" She said, going through the baking equipments Hathor had bought. She couldn't even name half of these things. "This is impossible. I have work to do, and even if I didn't, there's no time to build one of the cake-skyscrapers you want. Either we do a simple one, or I get Kovu to go buy Rook a decent cake. You choose." She said, half giving up on trying to make something out of the kitchen were.

22/03/16 03:43:10: Julie: "I didn't know exactly what we would need and I knew for sure you won't go out shopping the stuff needed with me so I bought everything beforehand so you can bake with me without complaining about wasted time so much, as probably you want to mean while you suggest me to give up and buy a fucking cake. We are a family, Neftis and you need to be there for us and put aside your work sometimes. " Hathor then went next to her with the patisserie recipe they emailed her and tried to be positive. "See, it not that difficult. We can do a small one, too much sugar it's not good for a little child anyway"

22/03/16 03:50:53: Singie: "Just stop, I hate it when you're cheesy like that." Neftis was not in the mood to talk about feelings or family or bullshit. She just washed her hands and took the recipe from Hathor, reading through and giving out instructions. She sold Hathor to work on mixing the flour and eggs, and anything that didn't involve a knife.
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